Tuesday Tips – Job Search Advice from Experienced Recruiters

Looking for a fresh interview question to cut through the scripted responses from candidates?
One of the best interview questions I ever heard was “What question were you hoping I wouldn’t ask today?”

The candidate’s response will help you evaluate their honesty, as well as their ability to think on the fly. And, they might just give an answer that reveals something you would otherwise never have learned!

-Jennifer Graham, Principal

Our #1 tip for an effective resume would be: Don’t just describe what you do, explain why you are good at what you do. Show results! Chances are all of the applicants that you are competing against will list similar job titles and responsibilities.

Make your resume stand out by showing why you are the best at doing that job. Describe your accomplishments such as promotions, awards/ any money you have saved or made the company/ any initiatives you have successfully implemented, etc. This will show your potential employers that you don’t just do the work, but that you do it very well.

Jennifer Graham, Principal